About us

Engage Associates is an independent network of experienced trainers and resident involvement consultants working together with the vision of engaging people for positive change in social housing and neighbourhoods. Engage has three key consultants in the network, Eileen Adams, Jayne Boote and Tim Morton. The Associates are based in England in the North East, North West and the Midlands and deliver services to clients throughout England and Wales.

Together they offer a range of services in relation to resident involvement, community development and training. All the Associates have a wide range of experience in working for tenant and community groups, government departments, local authorities, housing associations and regeneration partnerships.

Eileen Adams

Eileen is based in the North East. For over 25 years she has worked extensively with communities, local authorities, housing associations and regeneration partnerships. Eileen has a passion for providing independent advice for tenants and has worked with tenants on a range of ownership and management Options. Eileen is a highly experienced trainer and facilitator, with a creative, participatory and challenging style.

Jayne Boote

Based in the North West, Jayne has worked in social housing and regeneration for over 20 years. She has worked with a wide range of social housing landlords and regeneration partnerships and has a particular interest in resident involvement and tenant scrutiny. Jayne is an experienced trainer and clients value her practical, hands on style.

Tim Morton

Tim is a popular and very experienced trainer and facilitator for tenants and staff. He has worked on a wide range of community and regeneration projects since the 1980s and is currently a Big Local Representative working with four communities on the Big Local programme. He is an experienced Independent Tenants’ Adviser working on a wide range of projects both rural and urban. He is also a trustee with Diversity Hub and has a particular interest in equality and diversity issues. Tim is based in the Midlands.